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Windshield De-Icer, 15 oz LOC 29240

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Dégivreur de pare-brise 15 oz

De-icing spray: the invisible ice scraper®

Rain-X® De-Icer is a highly concentrated formula that provides quick melting action on your frozen windshield during the harsh winter months.

Rain-X® De-Icer will help reduce your scraping time so that you can be on your way in no time!

Product Features

  • Melts ice, frost and light snow fast
  • Reduces ice scraping effort and time
  • Available in 15oz and 32oz sizes

Product Usage Instructions

  • Start car and turn on defroster
  • Brush away loose snow and ice on windshield
  • Holding product about 10 inches away from the glass and upright, apply Rain-X® De-Icer directly onto the ice or frost
  • If the ice is thick, use scrapper to help remove the ice
  • Several applications may be required depending on the thickness of the ice
  • Clear windshield by running wipers
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