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Did you know that Visibility accounts for over 90% of vehicle safety?

Poor visibilty is reponsible for 42% of all road collisions and risks of accidents increase by 50% to 100% when road conditions are poor. Low quality wiper blades can leave streaks and need to be replaced more often due to our harsh Canadian climate. That's why we offer only high end wipers for your windshield. Our platform offers you the highest quality products at the lowest industry prices.

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Our wiper blades
  1. Rain‑X Expert Fit Rear Wiper Blades
    Rain‑X Expert Fit Rear Wiper Blades
    From $19.97
  2. Rain‑X Quantum Wiper Blades
    Rain‑X Quantum Wiper Blades
    From $24.97
  3. BOSCH Rear Wiper Blades
    BOSCH Rear Wiper Blades
    From $19.77
  4. BOSCH AeroTwin Wiper Blades
    BOSCH AeroTwin Wiper Blades
    From $24.97 $46.97
  5. BOSCH Clear Advantage Wiper Blades
    BOSCH Clear Advantage Wiper Blades
    From $11.97
  6. BOSCH Evolution Wiper Blades
    BOSCH Evolution Wiper Blades
    From $17.97
  7. BOSCH ICON Wiper Blades
    BOSCH ICON Wiper Blades
    From $26.97
  8. Rain‑X Latitude Wiper Blades
    Rain‑X Latitude Wiper Blades
    From $21.97
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