Bringing an essential part of driving into the modern era

Well established in Quebec, where snow and ice seasons follow seasons of rain and hail, Wiperbladepro.caÂč makes life easier for Canadian drivers when it comes time to replace an essential that allows them to face all these conditions on the road: the windscreen wipers. This simple concept that has existed since our cars have had windshields and which ensures our visibility while driving has been proven for a long time, to say the least! The essential nature of our windshield wipers, we realize it when the first repetitive and aggressive 'squeeks' are heard, or when their comings and goings constantly leave a trail of muddy water or ice that blurs our view or, even worse, when they disintegrate before our helpless eyes while driving to leave only a scratch on the now damaged windshield... At that point, we quickly realize that this is not a part pleasure to replace it, this essential... The questions follow one another: What sizes? What type of attachment? What brand? Which model? What technology? How to install them? Etc. And it happens every year or so! Such a simple concept made so complicated! We have nothing to do with it...

But this was before arrived in Canada ! Because we believe it should be easier to find a quality product, the one you need, compatible for your vehicle, at the right price and delivered in the shortest possible time and directly to your door. It’s the modern era!  

This is what offers to thousands of customers since 2017. 


Because finding the right windshield wiper blades for your vehicle should be easier

As you may have noticed, there are a multitude of size and format combinations in addition to the multiple brands and series of wipers

These combinations may vary depending on the make, model, sub-model and year of your vehicle is there to help you see clearer in all this: use our search tool and quickly find compatible products for your specific vehicle  

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Because we know that, just like us, our customers want quality, durable products at the right price 

At, we only offer “beam” type windshield wiper blades, which are the highest quality and modern technology products on the market  

We offer several product lines from recognized manufacturers Bosch and Rain-X at the most competitive prices  

Benefit from our guaranteed compatibility of products if purchased according to the recommendations of our online catalogÂČ


Speed without even moving

Because we believe that windshield wipers and car care products must move into the modern age that has brought us shopping from the comfort of our own home  

Once you have made your choice from our complete range of quality products, place your order in just a few clicks 

Benefit from free shipping in less than 48h³ for any purchase of $75 + as well as a simple and fair return policy in case of any problems 

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Expertise and Personalized Service

Above all, because we attach the utmost importance to the satisfaction of our dearest customers  

Benefit from the specialized expertise of Customer Care Service to see clearer into the complexity of windshield wiper blades market

Contact our Customer Care Service and we will be happy to advise and / or assist you with your order

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For Your Visibility, Your Safety

Because we know that windshield wiper blades in good condition as well as regular maintenance of your vehicle with the right products go a long way in keeping you safe on the road 

About 20% of road accidents occur in conditions that require the use of wipers⁎: quality blades in good condition can make a difference to your visibility and safety on the road 


Do like thousands of other Canadians, live the experience and keep a good visibility on the road in all conditions! your windshield wipers and car maintenance accessories specialists since 2017.  

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2. We can only guarantee compatibility if the recommendations displayed on our website are followed for your specific vehicle. See our Returns and Exchanges Policy for more details

3. This refers to the time between purchase and dispatch of the order and does not include transport time. Certain conditions apply. See our Shipping Policy for more details.

4. Statistics based on Accident Report data for 2020 in Quebec, using the documented weather conditions that affected the accident (presence of rain, drizzle, snow, hail, blowing snow, ice).